Learning a Language is Too Expensive!

Myth #5: It’s too expensive to learn a new language, I can’t afford it! Truth: It doesn’t have to be expensive! There are ways to learn new languages that are very inexpensive. Please do not use money as an excuse for not learning a new language. Years ago, when we lived in Kolkata, India, we […]

Myth #4 “I’m not smart enough.”

Myth #4. I’m not smart enough to learn a new language. Truth: Yes, you are! Many adults feel that they are not smart enough to learn a new language. Although it takes a lot of hard work, most adults (even with learning disabilities) can pursue and learn new languages as an adult if they know […]

Language Learning Myth #3

Myth: There’s a magic resource: a certain book, a certain CD, by “immersion only” or only with a “native speaker” to really learn the new language. Truth: Buying a particular book or CD (or any particular resource) doesn’t ensure that I’ll learn a new language! There is NO magic pill! In medicine we want “the” […]

Motivation Needed!

One of the four capabilities of the CQ© Model of the Cultural Intelligence Center is what they refer to as CQ Drive. They define this as “the level of interest, drive, and motivation to adapt Interculturally.” The idea behind CQ Drive is that if a person does not have an internal reason to learn about […]

Language Myth #2

Myth #2: It should be EASY to learn a new language! If it’s hard, then something’s wrong. Truth: It’s HARD work to learn a new language. It is NOT easy! You’ve been lied to by commercial vendors and programs that want to make a quick buck when they say that it’s quick and easy! The […]

Exposure vs. Engagement

It only takes some exposure to get a virus like COVID-19. Unfortunately, understanding culture is not so easily transmitted! It is a myth that mere exposure to other cultures means that a person can relate well to people of other cultures. Mere exposure may even cause you to formulate more erroneous assumptions and become more […]

Language Myth #1

Let’s talk about some myths associated with language learning. There are many myths and false beliefs about learning new languages that may cause adult learners to quit studying their new language. Why do they stop studying before attaining their language goals? Myth #1: I can learn a new language fast! I should be able to […]

Start with Why

Why do you want to learn about other cultures and how they function? Is it curiosity? Do you know someone you would like to understand better? Do you live among or want to help people of other ethnic backgrounds? Would it make you more effective at work? The “why” of wanting to learn culture is […]

Culture and Decision-Making

People in individualistic countries believe that a person thrives when they have the ability to make decisions, especially when the decision personally affects them. But that is not true in some collectivistic societies, where others (normally family) may play a major role in decision making. For example, the concept of “arranged marriages,” in which the […]

Language come from People

Ralph Waldo Emerson is attributed to saying, “Language is a city to the building of which every human being brought a stone.” Living languages aren’t something established by linguistic authorities. Although rules and norms are established by such institutions, languages are built by the people who use them. Language is part of who we are, […]