Language Myth #1

6 November 2020

Let’s talk about some myths associated with language learning. There are many myths and false beliefs about learning new languages that may cause adult learners to quit studying their new language. Why do they stop studying before attaining their language goals?

Myth #1: I can learn a new language fast! I should be able to learn it in a month or two.

Truth: It takes a long time to learn a new language! The truth is that it takes a lot of time and consistent study to learn a new language. Unlike other subjects in school (i.e. math, biology, history, etc.), language learning is a process that occurs through time and needs to be consistently nurtured. Even with complete full-time focus, it still takes time to learn a new language.  Conexion Training’s, The Language Course, will walk you through this process.)

If it takes the adult learner more time than expected to learn, the student will sometimes begin to place blame somewhere. If his or her learning doesn’t happen quickly, the student often begins to think that it’s somebody’s fault (the program’s, the curriculum’s, the teacher’s, the tutor’s, or even the learner’s own fault). The result of believing that it shouldn’t take very long to learn a new language can lead to the learner getting discouraged quickly. Often with this discouragement, the learner quits studying. Having a realistic view of how long it takes to learn a new language in order to attain your own goals is paramount.