Myth #4 “I’m not smart enough.”

17 December 2020

Myth #4. I’m not smart enough to learn a new language.

Truth: Yes, you are! Many adults feel that they are not smart enough to learn a new language.

Although it takes a lot of hard work, most adults (even with learning disabilities) can pursue and learn new languages as an adult if they know what to do and how to make a personalized study plan.

Years ago, a student attended a two week “language village” and then decided that she was not smart enough to learn a new language. She wanted to give up, but then decided to attend the Conexión Training program. Later, while in the process of learning English, she began to realize that it was mostly a lot of hard work. She studied English for a period of time and then studied a third language after moving to South Asia.

This young woman became fluent in two languages as an adult. Because of her own experience, she facilitated a small group of other people in their language learning in South Asia. She mentored and nurtured them as they found classes, tutors and set up personalized study plans for each of their contexts. She was not only successful in her own language learning, but helped others have success in their language learning as well. You are smart enough to learn a language! Go to our Home page to learn how to build a plan to learn your new language!