Myth #4 “I’m not smart enough.”

Myth #4. I’m not smart enough to learn a new language. Truth: Yes, you are! Many adults feel that they are not smart enough to learn a new language. Although it takes a lot of hard work, most adults (even with learning disabilities) can pursue and learn new languages as an adult if they know […]

Language Learning Myth #3

Myth: There’s a magic resource: a certain book, a certain CD, by “immersion only” or only with a “native speaker” to really learn the new language. Truth: Buying a particular book or CD (or any particular resource) doesn’t ensure that I’ll learn a new language! There is NO magic pill! In medicine we want “the” […]

Motivation Needed!

One of the four capabilities of the CQ© Model of the Cultural Intelligence Center is what they refer to as CQ Drive. They define this as “the level of interest, drive, and motivation to adapt Interculturally.” The idea behind CQ Drive is that if a person does not have an internal reason to learn about […]